Friday, September 30, 2011

A new start

I've wanted to start a blog, but I was never sure what to write or when to start. Now seems great though! Why now? Well, we just moved almost as far away as possible while still being in the US. It's been a crazy journey from the beginning and we had very little time to prepare. Our parents were amazing!

Overall, I think my two sweeties did well. My one year was not thrilled with being stuck on a plane and she did scream and I must admit it was stressful, but most everyone was super nice on all the planes we were on =) On our last flight we had more room and an open seat for her to move around on. That made all the difference in the world!!!

My three year old loved flying. He actually played with some of the toys and looked at a book. Our biggest problem was he never wanted to wait, he just wanted to get back up in the air. It was sweet. We have three generation of pilots on my mom's side of the family, who knows but our little guy might be a future pilot ;)

Our layovers were short in comparison, but when we could move around the airport it helped. At least for the kids, lol. Chasing a new walker around an airport can get exhausting. People loved her though and she was waving at everyone. She has a little wave that looks like she's in a parade. In the airport she was grinning from ear to ear, it was adorable. She also thought it was fun climbing over everything. I don't mind waiting a long time to do this again, but it was a journey with my family and memories to last a life time.