Monday, October 24, 2011

Apple picking and learning

This weekend we went to the apple orchard. Living in Washington has its perks!! We picked fresh apples straight from the tree and Noah was able to sample different types of apples, eating almost as many as he picked. It was an amazing experience that I hope will become a family tradition. We also made apple cider. As beginners with two small children it took us some time to get two gallons (another group had made six gallons in that time!), but it was so neat to make ourselves. Noah helped throw in apples and grind them too, a fun learning experience for sure!

Our learning has been sporadic with a big move across the country, but we are trying to find opportunities to learn through fun. We're learning about growing seasons, in the slow reality as we watch tractors plow the rolling hills and pick apples from the trees. We've had a chance to see farm machinery we've only read about in his many books. We are growing as a family and learning, even when we aren't trying. It's a beautiful journey together.

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